I think I’m getting the hang of it…

Fridays are hard. There’s less structure on my Fridays and therefore less motivation to eat well. My biggest whole30 fear is going out to eat with friends (the fear of my last 3 days..) and that fear was being met head on. My friends wanted to brunch – aka avocado toast, hashbrowns, and bacon?? And I knew it’d be difficult to narrow down the menu. Once we decided on meeting for dinner, I thought there’d be more options for me to try out.

I began my day with grapefruit for breakfast which was a nice start, held me over for a little while. Mid-day I decided to do some experimenting. I went to Lassen’s (like whole foods but on a smaller scale), and spent a little too much money on the whole30 basics: spices and oils.

I indulged in coconut oil, avocado oil, coconut aminos (great flavor substitute for soy sauce), and spices.

I looked up a recipe for cauliflower fried rice and it proved to be super easy! Apparently there’s premade cauliflower fried rice at Trader Joes, but I just chopped it on my own.

This was a delicious lunch, but left me a little hungry. This was around the time when my roommate asked me: “so how are you feeling? do you feel energized and really good yet?” And I’m thinking to myself: should I be? Because I’m hungry… Luckily, my other roommate who has tried paleo before stepped in and said: “You feel like crap for a couple days and then your body starts to adjust.” And I thought thank goodness, because this ain’t easy so far.

Anyway, the cauliflower rice did not take long, and I realized this vegetable’s multi-use. I proceeded to make cauliflower hummus (interesting, but it really does taste like hummus!) with a blender. I need to invest in a food processor.

By the time dinner rolled around, which meant I would have to try really hard to stick to the diet, I went to a fancy restaurant with my two friends. Luckily, they were helpful as I worked through the menu. I found a dinner salad that had very simple ingredients: grilled chick, green beans, tomatoes, lettuce, and an apple vinegar/dijon dressing (whole30 approved!!). I sadly had to ask for no bacon and cheese. But it was still great!

To help the sweet tooth, I’ve indulged on strawberries and goji berries today.

Overall, this is definitely tough, but it’s fun to get creative!

Below are pictures of my breakfast, lunch, and hummus, as well as the recipes. Both delicious!


Cauliflower “Hummus”

Cauliflower fried rice:



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